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Why 'Cecil's Horse Sanctuary'?


'Cecil's Horse Sanctuary' was named after Julie's miniature shetland pony, Cecil, who was stolen off her yard at the age of 4-weeks old in 2014. Cecil was named after Julie's dad who had just died of cancer. So memory of Julie's father and her foal Cecil, the sanctuary was named after them.

How we started

In the early 2000's yard owner, Julie, rescued several horses who were either deaf, blind, deaf-blind or unwanted. However, Julie never expected her herd to expand from 'several' rescues to become 'many-more-than-several' rescues!!!


Over the past few years, Julie and her volunteers realised that her horse sanctuary could not survive without additional income. Julie was already working 3 jobs to keep the sanctuary going, and in fear of it closing down, Julie and her volunteers decided to apply to become a registered charity.


In 2016, the Cecil's Horse Sanctuary became a registered charity!

About Us


Cecil's Horse Sanctuary aims to relieve the suffering of horses and ponies, who may be old, neglected, abandoned or otherwise, in need of care and attention. We aim to provide and maintain rescue homes and other facilities for the care and treatment of such equines. We never put a healthy horse down.


At present we are experiencing a large amount of abandoned horses and ponies in this country, where they are left in areas where there is no food or water. They become weak and are sometimes found just before they die, or they are in such a poor state of health, the only option is to have them put to sleep.

We hope to help relieve this situation by taking them in, to provide love and care, to enable them to survive and to live their lives happily and safely.

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