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We are pleased to announce that our sponsorship scheme is now up and running! This sponsorship scheme is just one of many ways you can help to support our charity.

There are 4 ponies that you can choose to sponsor


3 different sponsorship packages:

~ The Bronze package costs £24 a year (or £2.20 per month) ~

~ The Silver package costs £36 a year (or £3.20 per month) ~

~ The Gold package costs £48 a year (or £4.20 per month) ~

Please click on the photos below to find out more about the ponies that are available to sponsor.

We can now offer an option to pay by monthly instalments.

For further information on what each package contains and to sponsor one of our ponies, please download our sponsorship form from the link below.

To book a session to use your vouchers, please email on cecilshorsesanctuary@hotmail.com

Please note that vouchers cannot be used for our special events.

Derek arrived at the sanctuary in September 2015. He was a young foal who had been taken from his mother too soon. He and Ralph (another miniature Shetland) arrived with a group of Welsh ponies who were all destined for the market. Derek appears to be lying down or eating (or both) in most of the photos we have of him!
When Julie went to look at a horse with her friend, she found a tiny, frightened foal shut up in a small stable. His owners no longer wanted him so Julie was able to buy him and bring him back to the sanctuary. He was a tiny, skinny little foal but has grown into a beautiful pony.
Shakira is a blue roan, miniature Shetland pony who was born on 14th March 2007. She came to the Sanctuary with a small herd of Shetlands because they kept losing their foals and the owner didn’t know why. When they arrived, shot pellets were found in one of the Shetlands’ face and it was suspected that they had been used for shooting practice and this was the reason they lost their foals
Remy is a strawberry roan ‘few spot’ miniature Shetland pony who was born on 6th June 2007, he is registered with the British Miniature Horse Society. Remy came to the Sanctuary an hour before he was due to be destroyed. Remy was a stallion at the time and had been shut in a stable becoming obese. He is a very cheeky pony and will hide in the woods if he knows you want to catch him!
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